Freeletics Workout points (score) translater

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As there are still issues with syncing Freetletics with Google Fit, I would like to manually input my calorie expenditure information there. Is it possible to provide the formula Freetletics uses to calculate point/score from Freeletics workouts in Google Fit cardio-points, and how those points correlate to calorie expenditure?


I don’t want to disappoint you but there is no such formula. There is no relation between points and calorie consumption.

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This would be strange. :thinking:
When synchronization was working, it was somehow calculated. At least one of sides, either Freeletics or Google Fit, had to convert this data.

I don’t know what you mean (because I don’t use wearables).
The points you earn for e.g. an Aphrodite (500 for the workout itself, 80 for a star, 100 for a PB) are not related to anything else.
I don’t find the thread or post but either @Charly or @Ben explained that in case of the Apple Watch (and I expect nothing different in case of Android wearables) the calorie consumption was more or less a guess done by Apple.

Edit: got it!


I didn’t use any wearables either. However, when the synchronization with Google Fit was working previously, I noticed that Freletics workouts were being converted to calorie values within Google Fit. It’s possible that this conversion is done on the Google side, and it’s conceivable that data about my weight, height, gender, sleep, etc., are also taken into account during this conversion.

Anyways, Thank you for the hint. Learned something new again.


Which tracking sytem for pulse, burnt calories, and all the other measurements you can take is the best regarding to your opinion. I guess a simple smartwatch is not enough when it comes to training workout like those HIIT Workouts from Freeletics. I would like to track and show to all here the progress. Based on that i would be able to give better advice to people who already ask me, but this depends on their current fitnesslevel and health situation of course.

Sorry for my bad english, i am doing my best, i swear :laughing:

P.s. I should maybe go to a sport medical doktor, they have lots of professional ways to measure your defferent fitness level points

Hey @leszek.moska :wave:t2:

There are really so many variables, the “best” measure will probably probably vary from person to person depending on what training they do, and what the goal is.

For some people Heart Rate is a good indicator of fitness progress, others (probably more relevant for those who cycle more, but also increasingly runners pay attention to this ) will prefer to look at Power output i.e. how much “work” you are doing and how fast you are doing it.

For measuring calories “burned”, really the only accurate measurement will be indirect calorimetry which essentially measures respiratory gases, i.e. oxygen (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) that are influenced by your metabolism to meet energy requirements.

When you are “burning” calories, we know that you expire the vast majority of that mass (be it fat, sugar etc) and that this mass can be measured-there’s even a mathematical formula for this that you probably learned at some point: for a single triglyceride fat molecule it’s C55H104O6+78O2→55CO2+52H2O+energy released

Some gyms will have equipment that can measure this fairly accurately (although they usually charge a fairly hefty fee!). Otherwise a lot of modern smart watches will give an estimate of VO2, although it’s nowhere near as accurate.

Hope that helps answer the question!