First Workout - Can I Split It? Questions from a Beginner

Just done my first workout and could only do the first interval x4. The next interval x6 will have to wait until next time. I am so unfit I was dying.

So looks like I will need to build up to completing all the first workout. ! Is this acceptable, will I still be able to access today’s routine next week?

Hi @emma.setterfield , well done on your first workout! The strat of the journey can be super tough but so worth it!
As much as possible, if you can try and finish the workout and give appropriate feedback to the coach by saying “It was way too hard”, that way it will adapt next session according to your feedback and give a session that better suits you.

I agree with @TomG
Feedback is super important.

I would also like to add to asses the workout before you start, if you think you will not be able to complete it, you can click on “adopt session” and select “I want to change the difficulty”. That way you can ask for easier workout.
Play around with “adopt session” feature and coach settings, it can be useful.

Keep going, you got this :muscle:

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I think technically it would be possible for you to finish you workout another day, and the whole workout would just appear as if you’d done all of it on the day you complete it.

But you don’t want the app to think that you were able to do the whole workout in one session. So instead of splitting, the better approach would be to do what you can, skip through what you cannot and give the feedback to the app that you could not do those exercises. The app should learn and you should start getting workouts more suitable for your level, that you would be able to complete. You just need to get through the adjustment phase which is about one week.

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