Losing it in the middle of an interval

Hello :wave:
I joined Fee Letics a week ago and Im still trying to discover few things. But most importantly Im struggling to find the answer to this question: what if I started well with an interval but I couldn’t complete all rounds ? I cannot find the option to adjust the number of rounds or the weights when the interval is ongoing … if I cancel the interval , all the progress that I did in it will be lost which is also something annoying because I lost my breath trying to complete it…

I would really appreciate any advice, thanks!

There isn’t such an option.
If you are not sure if you could finish an interval, you could use the Quick Adapt to scale it down to increase the intensity.
I would never break up an interval, even if it last more than an hour (yes, that already happened!).

I know there is an option to quick adapt the whole session, but where can I find the quick adapt for a single interval ?

You can only change a whole session.

Hey George,

what Mela means is that you have to decide before the session wether the exercises are “doable” for you or not. So before the session you can ask to turn it down or up respectively. But those adaptions are for the whole session, not the single interval.

The only option you have is to do your best :clapclapstatic: Do as many repetition as you can with proper form and give feedback to the Coach afterwards. You can always replace the exercise with an easier one, e.g. Assisted Pullups instead of Pullups, Knee Pushups instead of Pushups.
After the interval give feedback accordingly: state that the interval was too heavy and you were not able to do all of the repetitions with proper form or that you had to replace one or more exercises.
The Coach will then ask you which exercise you struggled with and take that into account for the next session.

Over time you will learn what you are able to and to judge the interval before starting. As will the Coach …


Thank you both for your replies Mela and Freddy.

Got it. One last question, is there any place where I can see the recommended replacements of an exercise in case it was too hard for me? A good feature will be to include this during the interval if someone is struggling to complete the interval, then suggest a replacement…

Thanks again!

No there isn’t as of now. I seem recall this to be in the app years ago, but it no longer is or I’m just wrong.

You can, however, have a look at the Skills section (Coach → Settings → Skills). If you’re lucky the exercise you struggle with has a “Skill path”. If you go to Pushups, for example, you’ll find Knee Pushups as the easier skill. The Pushup skill itself is pre-condition to One-Handed Pushups and Strict Handstand Pushups - which also have their own Skill path.