Workouts not adapting based on my feedback

I’m working through my third training journey (Balanced Fat Burn) and although I’m finding the app a good fit for me generally, there have been some issues with the personalised training sessions. For example, earlier this week I had to do a few rounds containing 20 sprawls. This was much too hard as my lung capacity is rubbish, and I had to take so many breaks that it felt like a waste of time. I enjoy my workouts but I also really enjoy being able to breathe. At the end I got to mark the ‘it was too hard’ option, and it let me specify that sprawls were the problem. Then I looked at my workout for tomorrow and it suddenly wants me to do 40 sprawls?! What the heck freeletics! I don’t want to have to block that exercise because it works the whole body, but I don’t want to spend ten minutes mid-workout just getting my breath back

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“40 sprawls tomorrow” sounds like it could still be less than “a few rounds of 20 sprawls”.

Some exercises are hard! If you are finding it tough, and out of breath, then surely you are accomplishing your goal. Training isn’t meant to be easy. I personally I think it’s a good thing, each lungful of CO2 that you are breathing out is just even more calories used.

I think it’s also important to say whether either of the workouts was a God workout or an interval, as pretty sure you shouldn’t compare the 2, but one of the Freeletics team will know better than me.

I’m using a paid app based on wanting the coach experience rather than selecting a random workout video on YouTube every day. I couldn’t complete 20 sprawls without going way beyond the workout time I had spare, so there was no reason it would throw out 40 in a row after a couple of days. I want some guidance in building my endurance. Maybe I will be able to do 40 sprawls in the future, but I can’t at the moment, which is why I gave feedback to that effect in the app.

Before starting the next day, adjust to less intensity. In my subjective experience, it works better then the afterwards feedback.

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I didn’t even realise that was an option, thank you! I will definitely try that

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