Freeletic Endurance Program

Hello I am 57 years old and out of shape since 3 months.
Signed up for Freeletic.

The issue is I am given a new set of excericses daily.
So I need to download the exercises, then practice the form correctly and then do the required repetitions.
This takes a huge amount of time( which is limited)
Almost double the amount of time.

What can be done to ease off this learning curve and related waste of time.

Not happy with the program.

Which Journey did you chose?
There is one or two for beginner and one for those with spare time. They are designed to be completed in 6 instead of 12 weeks.

Learning all the exercises from zero is time consuming, there is no shortcut. But you can use the quick adapt in order to adapt your session to s shorter one.


Hi @mnhicu !

To add to @melaLetics response, we have Training Journeys especially for beginners. You might want to consider trying them out. They are called “Start Strong” and “Fit for Life”.

You can change your Training Journey at any time by clicking on “Training Journey” in your coach settings.

Feel free to contact our support if you need any further help.


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