When you haven’t trained for a really long time, Freeletics is off


I’ve used Freeletics since at least 2019. In the beginning the app worked great in adapting to my progress and pushing me to the next level.

However, after the pandemic ended, I had a lot of infections and then a back injury. I’m healthy again today, but my fitness has really deteriorated.

It seems to me the app doesn’t understand exactly how much your shape will deteriorate if you don’t train for a long time. It keeps suggesting exercises that was great for me in 2021/early 2022, but is really out of reach now.

Anyone else have experienced this? And it seems like the algorithm could do a better job of not only adjusting UP the challenges, but also DOWN?

Hey and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
I had to tone it down quite a lot as well recently and you can just A switch to an easier journey for the beginning and B correct the coach manually by asking for a way easier session altogether. Coach will notice that and correct the intensity if you give it some time

Good tips - I’ve tried them both but I’m kinda surprised it doesn’t adapt more over time. I’ve asked for easier sessions for like a year and it still doesn’t seem to have catched up :joy:.
It has now suggested a ton of spider push-ups, which I never even got to 1 proper of when I was fit, clapping push-ups which I could do, but wouldn’t have a chance now.

It helped to do an easier programme for a while, but when I wanted to up the challenge with a harder journey it just seems to assume I’m back on the level I was.

Hi @idaaa !

My advice would be to switch to an easier journey and make sure that the feedback you give to the coach is as accurate as possible. If you have an exercise in your workout that you’re struggling with, please mark that exercises in your coach feedback. You can also switch to an easier exercise yourself, please check out this Help Center article for more information.

Is this by requesting to adapt the session before starting one? Or is this giving feedback that the session you’d just done was way too difficult?

Because I think that the ‘adapt session’ is not supposed to influence Coach (maybe someone can confirm or dispute my assumption), whereas giving post-session feedback influences Coach.

If you have been using the ‘adapt session’, I’d say don’t and use the feedback instead. If you’ve been using the feedback, then sounds like a problem with the app.

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