Freeletics cuts off my route while app isn't on screen

Hi everybody,

I just got the app a couple of weeks ago. I used the adidas apps until recently. The fitness programms are awesome, and I started running again since the snow finally melted.

As you can see in the picture, sometimes the app tracked my progress correctly, sometimes it just jumps a couple of kilometers in a straight line. Pretty sure this happened when I locked my Phone ie turned off the screen. If I dont do that I sometimes accidentally finish my session without meaning to by swiping to the right, while the phone is in my pocket.

Is there a way to either let the app track my progress correctly while the screen isn’t active, or if not possible, is there a way to lock the swiping?

Thanks a lot,

regards Phil

On Android phones you need to disable the app’s power saving settings which kill background processes.

That sounds very plausible, thank you so much. I will try it today!

It works, thanks again!

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Yeah! You are welcome!

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