Freeletics Gym Exercise History

I used the Freeletics Gym app when I had access to a gym. After the app disappeared from the play store, how or where can I access my exercise information.

If you didn’t change the platform (Android, iOS or Windows Phone), it should bei available and re-creatable in your store history, eg for Android open the App Store, click your Profile icon and search in your apps for Freeletics Gym.

If you are interested only in the data, choose the Profile tab in Freeletics App → Settings → privacy/security → personal data → Export
and request your data. You will then receive an e-mail containing a textfile with all your collected training data from Freeletics, Freeletics Running, Freeletics Gym and Freeletics Nutrition.

Thank you @melaLetics. I’ll do the export thing. It is not that I need data, I just wanted to know what weight I was lifting to get an idea of where to re-start my journey now. In the current app I am able to look at all the bodyweight workouts I have done (even 3 years back). As an added feature, may be if it is possible to look at past workouts of gym, running and bodyweight combined.