Freeletics Hardcore

Hi athlets,

I have been a member for over 7 years and I very often do the Freeletics Hardcore program but I have several questions:

  • is it as complete as a “mass gain” program to build muscle?
  • is it the hardest and most complete of all the programs?
    -will the hardcore program include weights one day?
  • do you think musculation is better to build muscles ?

Thanks all and have a nice day

I’ve done 12 days of freeletics hardcore. 90% of it where burpees, lunges, jumping jacks etc. There were basically no classic strength intervals. Everything with high or maximum pace. Everyday was some god workout. Pull bar is mandatory for this bourney but I’ve had only 2 days (of 12 which I’ve finished) with pull ups. Both were Poseidon workouts.
I’ve switch to something more focused on strength because I don’t see any sense in doing 200 burpees, 400 jumping jacks every session.

For me the best is the Hybrid Journey. Training 5 days at week, thats because you can do a complete full body work.


Thank you for your answers, it’s a pleasure to share our feelings :slight_smile:

I added a 10kg weighted vest to Freeletics Hardcore and I really feel that I am working my muscle mass in depth ; I really like this program because having tested the others it is clearly the most difficult psychologically and physically.

I adopted a rhythm of 3 days Freeletics Hardcore with a weighted vest + 3 days of bodybuilding.

Bye bye