The best version of myself... for now

Dear all,

this post is more or less a simple appreciation of Freeletics rather than a transformation story. However, I felt the need to express my gratitude.

Before Corona, I was for several years a gym member, doing 4 -5 workouts per week. At the time the gyms were closing, I was the best, fittest, and strongest version of me I had ever known. During the lockdown, I lost my passion for fitness as the home gym was not the same.

8 months ago, I got aware of Freeletics and decided to give it a try. I needed a “coach” to tell me what to do, because in this case I felt I had to do the training well to satisfy my personal ambition but also my coach.

At the moment, I am currently finishing my third hybrid strength journey and what should I say… Within 8 months, Freeletics has made me the best version of myself!
The fitness level and strength I have now is something I haven’t achieved in years of training in a gym.

To give you an impression:
In my fittest time in the gym, I was able to do a 122.5 kg Deadlift, and it smashed me completely.
Yesterday I did a 125kg deadlift and just thought: I could do more (but unfortunately I didn’t have any more weight plates :laughing:. An order for more equipment is already done :wink:)

So in summary, Freeletics you are doing an amazing job! In less than three quarters of a year, you made me already the best version of myselffor now

I still struggle with several workouts and exercises, so there is still a lot of improvement for the future.

The journey will continue! Thank you that I can do it with you!



Damn Horayshio,

that sounds so great I’m happy for you :), keep it up! :muscle: :muscle:

:clap: :clap:

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Thank you for sharing your feedback @Horayshio!

We’re absolutely thrilled to hear about your journey with Freeletics, and that you’ve transformed into the best version of yourself. That 125kg deadlift is a serious milestone, clapclap!
I’ve forwarded your post to the team internally, so that everyone can see the impact.
We’re honored to be a part of your fitness journey and we can’t wait to see how much further you’ll go. Keep up the amazing work, we’re cheering you on every step of the way!

The Freeletics Team

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