[Functionality improvement] Slow performance when bad signal

Device: Pixel 5 / Android 13
App version: 22.36.0

The app attempts to sync training data with the backend in the foreground, which paired with a bad connection yields unnecessary annoying delays.

After each section, I face this screen

I then have to wait for it to timeout and give me a message that my data will be synced when the connection is restored.

The issue is - I don’t care when the app is going to sync the data, I don’t have to know any of that. For all I care, the app can sync data quietly in the background or all at once at the end of a session, or next time I open the app and there’s connection.

Generally speaking, bad signal occurs more frequently than what developers can experience in the office, and having to deal with timeouts during a workout is annoying and a waste of my precious time.


I totally agree with you. It is a design flaw in the app. The UI should never wait for the internet, the user is annoyed when faced with loading delays.