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Hello there,

I am 50 years old and it gets hard to gain muscles. With Freeletics, I never had so quickly build up muscles…

However I would like to lose some abdominal (or visceral) fat to have a flat stomach, so I can see my abdos visible like a chocolate bar…

Which programme should I use in Freeletics, a programme that includes running and building up muscles at the same time, as I do not want to loose my muscle mass… And anyway, there are so many programmes out there with running, I do not know which one is the best I should choose.

I use the freeletics programme nutrition “eat healthy” (the one in the middle, when you have to choose).

Any other information are very welcome…Thank you so much for your support in advance, and please, stay motivated, in shape and in good health. Best wishes to all of you.

Loosing fat and building muscles can only be reached with a calory deficit (to loose fat) and high proteine food. The sixpack is only build in the kitchen - so choose the Journey you like (in case of a Bodyweight only Journey, feel free to add runnings) and stay disciplined.

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Hi @Yvan Just to add on top of what @melaLetics said, the HIIT and Run journey is a nice mix between running days and body weight days to maintain and burn fat!


Thank you for your answers. As soon as I have finished my programme, I will choose HIIT and Run journey. I know it will be long to loose weight. I am 190 cm and is 93 kgs now. I once used the programme to loose weight in the nutrition app, and I was 85 kgs. but I didn’t see much difference. I have a flat stomach, but it is especially at the level of the lower abdomen that I would like to lose… I think HIIT and Run will be good to me, as I eat normal with the app… Don’t you think so?

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Hi @Yvan , I think HIIT and RUN is a great tool to help maximise your total calories burnt during a day, but exercise is still a small portion of your “losing weight Journey”. In order to lose weight you should burn more calories than you consume. Aiming for around 500 calories deficit per week is a good start. What you could do is start with the HIIT and RUN journey, while keeping your diet as normal, and see how you go after a few weeks to see if you need any adjustments.


Last year, I used the Freeletics programme nutrition to losing weight. I lost until I was 87 kgs. I do not know why but I was on stationary. I mean I continued the programme, I always was 87 kgs. But my lower-abdomen had always this slight bump on my belly. However, every trousers were too large to me, even with a belt. So I changed the programme and choose the middle one, because it is extremely hard to me to take muscle mass. Only with Freeletics, I could take something… I am a club member since two years and four months and train four times a week. Since a week and two days, I have begun to walk an hour per day.
I am a little bit afraid to be in deficit calories, and I loose my mass. I think you’re right. I should keeping my diet as normal as I do, and see later if I have results. I do not want to loose to quickly and then it makes the yoyo effect, as I had last year…
Little by little, patience and perseverance are my keys…

Oh and by the way, does HIIT and Run modify the Hybrid Running? If not, where can I find it?

It is the renamed Hybrid Running.

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