Garmin x Freeletics

I bought a Garmin watch a few days ago, and I must admit that it is an exceptional device providing deep insights into our health and daily functioning. It helps us better understand the regeneration of our body, thoroughly analyze sleep, and verify how minor changes in our lifestyle or even in the bedroom affect it.

We can check the efficiency of different physical activities, adjust the pace during exercises to maintain the right oxygen level throughout the interval. It allows us to see the energy expenditure during the day - how much an hour of work costs us, and how much we gain during an hour of play with our dog. It reveals the impact of a walk, a 30-minute nap, or an hour-long PlayStation session on us. Does an hour of gaming truly help us relax, and how does it compare to reading a book or taking a nap? By asking the right questions, interesting observations can be made. The data can confirm or refute our personal assumptions. Garmin is a significant added value for everyone, (for both less and more advanced athletes).

I understand that the topic of trackers and smartwatches comes back to this forum/freeletics support like a boomerang, and the Freeletics community probably rolls their eyes at another post of this kind. Many people see that the combination of one with the other (Freeletics x Garmin/watch) would provide incredible value. A value for which I would gladly pay additionally in my subscription. I would really like these two worlds to merge (in one way or another) and continue to evolve.

Is there any concrete information regarding integration with Garmin today - at the end of 2023?

Or maybe with another device? Apple Watch? Polar? Something else?

Since I’ve been training with Freeletics for 6 years, I’ve dreamed of such a combo. Today, having Garmin, I dream even more.

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The question is not about integration to xyz - it’s about providing an API so other platforms could consume the data (or build the own statistical tools like I would).
I remember a podcast back in summer 2021 (or 2020) in which Daniel Sobhani explained why there aren’t any plans of wearables integration (except of iOS Beta Integration which had to be removed last year).

I personally use Whoop to track health and recovery. Whoop provides a load target based on sleep, habits and monthly cycle. Especially the last one would be a game changer if it would be connected to Freeletics. But I don’t see it happen that FL can consume that kind of data from any device - but the other way around, Freeletics providing training data to third party is something that could happen.