General feedback after using the app for 2 months

Hello, community :wave:

I’m not sure what was the best way to provide feedback, so I give it a try here.

First of all, congrats to the team, the app is amazing :clap:. I’ve heard many good stories from friends which use it for years. What made me consider taking a subscription was the ability to also have some running sessions.

Here is the list of things which could make me even happier about using the app:

  • Before Freelitics, I was following Garmin training to run half marathon and marathon. I invested in a watch to allow me to run with a tracker and music. I strongly believe an integration with Garmin would not make sense. Instead, I prefer to see the company focusing on their own app. Though, when I have a running session, I would love to be able to enter the time of each interval. Go running with my smartphone is not something I like.
  • On a running session, it’s not possible to see the last step when scrolling down, the start button is over it (the screenshot I shared is what I see when I scrolled to the end, version 22.22.0, Android 12, Oneplus 8 pro)
  • I’m really bad at remembering things :grin:. The thing I check almost every time is if repetition is from one side or both sides (e.g. skipping jumps). I wonder if somehow that information could be presented, for example by having something blinking for each repetition next to the video.

Except for the first point where it makes me feel I can’t use my running watch, the rest are details. What I love about the app is its flexibility. I can build a habit, and I’m encouraged to do it, but when I miss a training, the app doesn’t make me feel guilty.

I want to congratulate the team again about the great job done so far. I’m looking forward to see how they can improve it even more. I wish you all the best and a happy sweating :muscle: