God Workout Strategy

Hi Everyone,

hope you are all enjoying your training.

In my journey, I have been doing tons of God Workouts. Thus, in the recent years, I have always looked to find a better strategy for better PBs.

Lately, I tried with a counter-intuitive strategy that worked like magic ( … don’t know whether everyone does it and I have never searched for it on the internet):

Instead of going as fast as possible from the beginning, I opted for (1) fast reps and (2) rest (lots of it, after every set). I supposed I would have lost time and thus not getting a new PB. Instead, I got (for example) 3-4 minutes on 3x Poseidon and 5-6 minutes on 3x Amazona! That’s a ton of time!!!

I’ll share here my last 3x Poseidon:

(hope I’m not breaking any forum’s rule)

My question is: how do you manage difficult God Workouts? How do you manage time and energy? Fatigue? What’s your technique? Is there any common rule or technique that is used in HIIT / CrossFit / Resistance Training?

See you all on the ground! :wave:t2:


Sounds great man! I noticed too that starting slow is the key if its a longer workout. You have longer power then​:blush::muscle:

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That’s awesome! I have a similar strategy. I try to pace myself at first, trying not to go too fast.

By the end when I’m tired I try to divide the reps on small batches and trying not to take excessive rests. So if I notice I can’t do 20 pull-ups at once anymore I’ll divide then on 4 sets of 5 taking a 5 seconds rest in between. That way I rest but not too much to make me cool down.

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