"Venus"-Workout too hard


While I can barely make the 2/4 version with small breaks in between (100 push-ups; 2x50), it suggests me to do the 4/4, skipping the 3/4 version. Hence going directly from 100 push-ups to 200 push-ups, which is just out of my reach.

I think 50 push-ups per round is generally to much and could be 40 instead to better allow progress in smaller steps (1x40 → 2x40 → 3x40 etc.)


Hello Tehcili,

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Venus is one of the original and iconic God workouts, it is intended to be hard. I have multiple people in my feed that have a PB around 15 minutes for a single Venus and can do even 3 :astonished: :muscle:
So it is doable for some Freeletics Gods … e.g. checkout Freeletics ambassador @dorian

However, if something is to much or to hard for you, adjust your feedback accordingly. You could also replace the hard exercise with an easier one, knee pushups instead of pushups for example.
Keep telling the Coach that you struggled and she will adjust the workout regimen eventually…

But the goal remains to be able to do 3x Venus, right?
Keep pushing :clapclapstatic:

I usually decrease the intensity with quick adapt or I really face that b*tch, giving my best with a lot of breaks (and a rest day the day after).

Hello Freddy

Thank you for the response.

15 Minutes for 200 push-ups 120 crunches and 200 squads? This means 1.7 seconds per push-up/crunch/squad (without the time of changing position). Yea right… hahahah :slight_smile:.

Anyway yes, it is mainly about the huge step from going directly from 100 to 200 instead of first to 150 (so 3/4 of the workout).

Also when doing knee pushups, what feedback do I give to the coach?


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You’ll select one of the options left of technique feedback bar. If you scale down to knee pushups after more than the half of repetitions, I would choose the “it was ok, couldn’t do all repetitions with proper technique” option.

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… what she said! :grin: