When to increase difficulty

Hello everyone!!!

When doing some God workouts I have noticed I have some stamina left at the end, however I have taken longer than the estimated time the app gives me. For example for a 2x Atropos, the app suggest 18-24 minutes, but it took me 40. I was focusing on form and was doing the crunches really slow.

However I felt enough energy at the end to add some other workout.

My question is what is better, add another workout to use up the remaining stamina or put in more effort into reaching the 18 minute mark.

In other words, how do you know when to move from a 2x god workout to a 3x?

Thanks in advanced!


Hey Sergio,
you should also have a look at the recommended speed the coach gives you. In gods this is “as fast as possible” so yes you should definitely focus on the form but you shouldn’t do the crunches really slow, which I think could be a reason that you still have stamina left after a 2x Atropos.


Hi gameonplayer,

Thanks for the info. Today I did it as fast as possible while keeping form ajd was able to match the maximum estimates time, so I guess there is still space to improve.

I was treating god workouts more as callisthenics than HIIT. I guess this is where I was wrong.

I am not sure if this will still build muscle but I will gave to wait.

Thanks again.


Hi @sergiofajardo , yes Gameonplayer is correct here, you should be treating the God workout as a pure HIIT workout, testing your fitness level. The coach will assign you interval training to build muscle and increase your strength, but God workouts are meant to be done as fast as possible. They still help you build muscle by testing your limits don’t worry!