Handstand kickup tips

Hello, I just call not kick up into wall handstand . Any tips out there please?

Where exactly is the problem? Are you afraid of kicking up, is it that you are lacking power to kick you up far enough or are your folding together after the kick up :slight_smile: ?

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I am not entirely sure what the problem is which isn’t massively helpful … fear is definitely a part of it as I can go into L pose on the wall

Hey aarti - this blog post CrossFit Handstands For Beginners: How To Kick Up (And Build Strength) has some great insights on kicking up and how to perform it correctly hopefully it helps :slight_smile:


Maybe you should already fight the fear of inversion to get that “L” pose.
You can put your hands on the floor and bring your back as close to the wall as possible. Gradually, you can raise your feet (chair, box, etc.).
When you are comfortable with this, you can raise one foot first before considering both.
Once you have gained confidence, got used to the inversion and know that you can support your weight, it will be much easier to get the kickup.


@Mike @Mylene Thanks so much both for the tips!! That link looks really useful. I’ve been practicing L pose and it’s getting a bit easier . I think I just have to keep persevering.

I thought I would never be able to do a clapping pushup and managed it this week as a complete surprise! So I guess the moral of that story is never give up!


Yes definitely! Oftentimes you are closer to your goal than you might think! :slight_smile: