Too inflexible to do assisted standups - any alternatives?

Hi everyone!

I have (re)started Freeletics 3 weeks ago and already feel much stronger! I struggled with some of the exercises in the beginning, but then as I get stronger am able to do them.

My problem is that every warmup and the occasional workout contain assisted standups and I still can’t do them. I have watched a couple of YouTube videos and it seems the main problem is that I can’t get my heels close enough to my butt. I am an runner and incredibly inflexible, so no surprise there. Based on the Youtube videos, I should work on stretches to bring my heels in more.

So the question is: What can I do during the workouts instead of assisted standups while I work on my flexibility? Is there an even easier progression below standups and assisted standups, or something to help with flexibility?

What I have tried:

  • Standing up to the left or right, basically by using one arm more than the other.
  • Crossing my legs so that they can come in closer to my butt. This works best if I do them unassisted but hurts the side of my feet because I am standing up on them.

Any thoughts on an exercise to do during the workouts that will eventually make me better at standups?

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In my case I struggled more doing assisted stand ups than a regular stand up.

This are some things I found useful for doing the assisted ones:

  • doing it barefoot instead of with training shoes.
  • I found really challenging using my hands to help myself get up. Instead, I found using my fists to help myself stand up way better, it gave me more support and a couple more inches in my reach.
  • Building momentum is key.

Hope this helps you.

I have tried barefoot and momentum (without much success :smiley: ), but never thought of using fists! I am going to try that in my next workout!