Stand ups - Skill Progression?

Does anyone else struggle with Stand Ups? I can do most of the skills with skill progressions but am not even close to doing normal stand ups. I would love to see these get a skill progression so I can work on them.

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I actually like stand ups although I have to do a little bit of a rock to get momentum to stand. For me the 1 handed pushups are a none and done.

I only did assistated standups but i tried them after i read your post and i had no problems doing 10 standups in 41s with a proper technique.

I think it‘s not only about your fitness level…i‘m a 165cm „tall“ and 60kg „heavy“ guy so it should be easier for me than for taller and heavier people on the same/comparable fitness level.

I hate standups! I just don’t have the strength in my core :sob: When they come up in training I just replace them with assisted standup straight away :see_no_evil: