Stand ups - Skill Progression?

Does anyone else struggle with Stand Ups? I can do most of the skills with skill progressions but am not even close to doing normal stand ups. I would love to see these get a skill progression so I can work on them.

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I actually like stand ups although I have to do a little bit of a rock to get momentum to stand. For me the 1 handed pushups are a none and done.

I only did assistated standups but i tried them after i read your post and i had no problems doing 10 standups in 41s with a proper technique.

I think it‘s not only about your fitness level…i‘m a 165cm „tall“ and 60kg „heavy“ guy so it should be easier for me than for taller and heavier people on the same/comparable fitness level.

I hate standups! I just don’t have the strength in my core :sob: When they come up in training I just replace them with assisted standup straight away :see_no_evil:

Hey @Lotta, how do you do this?

You can’t actually change the exercise, you do assisted stand ups whenever the app tell you to do stand ups, which means that you don’t get a star on the workout. I do the same thing, @Lotta

Ohh, that’s what I was doing, I thought you could switch exercises in the app.
I’ve been doing some searches and found a couple of videos explaining in detail the technique for the Standups.
Basically, it’s an exercise that requires flexibility and coordination, so I think it can be useful to practice it outside of the freeletics trainings.

This is a video from Freelitcs for this exercise:

Here’s an explanation from a fitness channel: