Bootcamp episode 5

And here we go again another week is over and another Episode is online.

What to do when exercises become difficult?!? Scale it down. I was not able to do a regular push-up, pull-up or toes to bar. I started with negative or hanging knee raises for example.

There are always ways and work arounds to make a workout adapt to your knees and we all start somewhere so don’t feel bad if someone else with maybe less experience is able to do it or learns it faster - that is not the point of practising - the point is that you start where ever you are and enjoy the progress and put in the work.
nothing more, nothing less :slight_smile:

Which exercise is the one that made you the proudest after you learned it?

Mine was the Stand - up :muscle: back in 2012.



The proudest moment for me was completing my first APHRODITE all the way through, I failed the first time I attempted at the start of my program.

After watching your coaching of the push up, I may have to reevaluate the way I’ve been doing them all along. I will try your method of slowing it down and catching the correct technique, rather than doing them so fast and careless as I’m used to. My PB time may decrease, but it will be worth it.

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thanks for the feedback and yes to your approach on pushups !!! that is the way to go - lets see how you feel about your pushups in a month or two. :muscle:

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