Have to scroll down to next activity during a workout session

Is there a way to remove this superfluous info and image at the top of a session page?

If you’ve just finished a workout and want to start the next one, you have to scroll down to it each time, which is unnecessary and inefficient.

It makes the whole workout experience feel like it has more steps than necessary to move through.

Am I missing something that could take me straight to the next workout instead of going to this page?

Is anyone else bothered by this kind of thing? :sweat_smile:

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I too hate this latest attribute in the app. Utterly useless, worthless and annoying.
It didn’t use to be so earlier. This has been introduced recently, with I don’t know what thought in mind, but it totally impairs the quality of user experience.

Totally agree, i made a redesign of the UX. I deleted all the things we dont need.