Immersive training flow

How to switch back to the previous workout view?

The app has now the “Immersive training flow” that is awful, doesn’t let me change the order of the exercises or circuits, in case what I need for that circuit is occupied with the previous version I could do the next one, and do it after when the pull-up bar, wall or weights were free.
Is there any way to go back to the previous one, or to it to allow me to jump in the order?

In my case, this feature makes the app worthless,
I have to optimize my workout time, I can’t wait for the stars to be aligned arriving at the workout place to be able to follow the flow.

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Exactly this! I have said it in other threads and can only reiterate it here- If you need any flexibility then the old version was far superior! Why take away the option to choose between the two? The new version saves a few clicks in a simple A-Z workout, that’s it!


I feel you! I also already stated this in some thread - I’m really not a fan of the immersive training flow, took my flexibility away completely! Also, it doesn’t really save clicks for me, cause I’m constantly going back to the overview to look at my times and what comes next, so this new “immersive flow” just complicates everything.
I really hope they re-implement the option to switch your workout view. I was also super annoyed because this just happened after I continued my yearly subscription. With each new update, I’m seriously thinking about cancelling my subscription.