Hell week app amendment


I have just entered my hell week.

It is 7 workouts across 7 days but I want to fit my workouts in over 5 days to free up my weekend (I need to have some fun!)

I did two workouts today but the app won’t consider these changes and suggests I still have 6 days left.

Any ideas how to amend my progress ?

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Did you finish both days including Warm-up and Cooldown (or without them, also possible)? Or did you just ‘do’ the gods?

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I did the first workout at lunch time but didn’t do the cool down :joy:

However on the second workout I did it all.

Here’s a screen shot of my app at the moment:

But die you end / finish the Coach Session of the first day? I mean that button.

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I can’t remember…

But the app did warn me about something when I started the second workout. Therefore, I think it might not have factored it in.

The first workout was this:

Can I delete it and resubmit?

Hey Gavin, welcome to the Forum :wave:t2:

Regarding this, you don’t have to be worried here by the looks of things-please don’t delete your sessions that you have completed :smiley: You should never feel like this is a step that you need to take. It looks from your screenshots like you did indeed complete both your sessions as @melaLetics was asking :+1:t2:

A Hell Week is 7 Coach Sessions, if you wanted to you could technically do all of these sessions on the same calendar day although this is something I would not recommend :smiley: Give yourself some time to rest :wink:

From your first screenshot you have completed 2 sessions today, leaving you 5 sessions to complete the rest of this week (Wednesday through to Sunday). You can essentially do these sessions whenever you want to i.e. if you don’t train on one of the scheduled training days, the days will simply get shuffled back.

If you want to complete more than one of the sessions on any particular day, you can complete the session for that day, choose another of the upcoming sessions and complete it. This will essentially be what you did today. You can take this a step further and select a further Coach session to complete, any number of times, thereby completing multiple sessions on the same day. Again, not something that I would recommend. Overtraining like this can bring a number of risks, and you won’t make the same gains as you would allowing your body to recover between each Coach session.

The blog post below may help give a little bit more information about the flexibility you have with regards to your training days :point_down:t2:

Hope that’s clear :clapclapstatic: