Hell week - Shred & Burn Workout

Hello All.

I’m currently doing Shred & Burn Workout and already done 31 out of 48 sessions. My workout plan is 5 days a week. On Weekends I just select some random exercise.

I also have a sequence of 4 Perfect weeks, only failing one due to illness.

My question:

At this pace I will have the 43th Session on the 17th of March, Friday.
I will be working on another country from the 20th March until the 24th March (Sessions 44 - 48).

When will the hell week start? Is it after the 48th session? Or right on the Saturday, 18th March?

I Can train while on the hotel but on that case I select the option “train quietly”. I guess that will not be an option for the hell week and I also don’t want to miss that. I’ve been training every day for the past 4 weeks now.


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It will start on day 42. The hell week takes 7 days.


Hi @SirT, you can also “delay” the Hell Week if it is more convenient, but simply not do a workout from the Coach training. The training session will be postponed to your next day, etc.

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Although I have never tried that journey, for explosive strength and weight free gain I could select “train quietly” on the hell week. The one I couldn’t do it was when I did the hardcore.


Since I have a 5 Training day selected, I will just lower that number to 2 ,3 etc to force the hell week to start when I want.

I will do another training session to compensate those days. That way I keep training and also don’t loose the Week Sequence.

Great plan!

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Hey @SirT :wave:t2:

I just want to jump in and add a few extra things to consider :smile:

Let me try to explain first of all of how the “Perfect week streak” is measured. The Coach compares the number of sessions that you said you would train at the beginning of the week, to the number of sessions that you actually trained that week. You need to train at least the number of sessions that you stated at the beginning of the week.

There is a lot of debate over whether we should have such badges such as the “Perfect week streak” as it does seem to put undue stress on the “need” to train. My own advice would be to try to pay less attention to the “Perfect week streak”, and stay focused on your training goals and the undoubted progress you are making here if you are training regularly-taking extra rest days when needed will certainly help you more to achieve those goals rather than forcing yourself to train, just so that you can continue a “Perfect week streak”.


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I’m already working 5 sessions each week. On weekends I just do some small exercise to keep it running.

What I was saying is that I will lower the days for each week, in order to postpone the hell week to the week I want.

That way I’m able to complete the hell week in the week I want, without loosing the sequence. I’m not forcing due to the bagde. Anyway the days I “Removed” from the sessions, I will use it to train with other programs.

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