Issue with Hell Week

Hey guys, I’m almost about to start my 9th hell week, and I’ve got to say it’s not motivating anymore, the first few hell weeks were great, we get to see our progress but after that, for me it just stopped making sense, and here why:

  • If Freelitics doesn’t allow us to plan workouts for more than 5 days in a week, then why should we have to work out for 7 days straight at the end of a program?
  • With our day-to-day chores and kids and busy life, it’s now easy to find 7 days to work out in a row, plus, sometimes my body is just not there even though some workouts are lighter and shorter, it feels like overkill.
  • I myself like to have fewer but longer and harder sessions during the week, rather than have 7 lighter shorter workouts, after a while, I kind of figured out what I want from my workouts, and the hell week just stopped making sense.
  • not all programs have a hell week, and for me, that makes more sense.
  • I started in freeletics to be in shape when I want to Skimboard, but if I have a hellweek, i most liking won’t be able to skim, being a demanding sport.

I’ve been working around this, changing the during, the difficulty etc. but it would be easier if it was optional.

been talking to a few friends that also use freeletics and notice that most of them are kind of scared of the hellweek, some of them have been using freeletics and never got to a hellweek, or just stopped using the app a week from the hell week.

However, I understand the importance of a hellweek but can it be optional after like your 5th hellweek? Is that possible?

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Although the Hell Week is supposed as a challenge to do in a row, you are absolutely free to do it in two or three weeks.

Ok, I will try it on my next hell week.

Thank you.