Hell Week vs. Perfect Weeks

Hi FreeAthletes

I have a question regarding the hell week and perfect weeks.
I’m currently doing the hardcore journey and next session starts the hell week.
While it starts tame it really fast gets absolutely crazy

  • Day 1: Kentauros & Kerberos
  • Day 2: 3x Poseidon
  • Day 3: 3x Aphrodite
  • Day 4: 3x Hermes
  • Day 5: 2x Helios
  • Day 6: 2x Venus
  • Day 7: 3x Minotauros

while I love a good challenge, I fear that I won’t find the time to train 1.5-2h every day especially since I also have Calisthenics Team Training and Salsa lessons.

I’m currently on a 78 week perfect weeks streak.

What happens to the streak if I can only do let’s say 3 training days per week?
If I have the training days in the coach configured to be Monday, Wednesday and Friday will I keep the streak even if I don’t train everyday during the hell week?

I’d hate to lose that streak as you can imagine :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks in advance

Hi @siflu89 ,

78 perfect weeks are very impressive and ofcourse it would be a shame to stop it.
Your perfect week is not connected to certain training days or the Hell Week. When you have planned 3 workouts per week, it just matters that you do 3 workouts, regardless of the day between Mon and Sun. You could even do all 3 on the Sunday for a perfect week.

Enjoy your Hellweek


I guess this is why we called it Hardcore :joy:

You’ve got this :muscle:t2: