Help wanted to lose weight

Hi All,

I’m wondering if anyone can help please .
I’m struggling to loose weight. I do work out 3-4 times a week. drink a lot of water , eat a lot of seasonal homemade food. I have take away 1-2/month.
-what am I doing wrong?
-why so frustrating to loose weight?
-why do I feel such a looser?
I used to nutrition app from freeletics but I’ve founded a bit expensive food shopping weekly and the timing to prepare the food was just too much. I did it for 12 weeks but I haven’t got time for anything else, so I start to use MyFitnesApp to calculate my calorie intakes which is easier for me.
I don’t know what to do next ? Any suggestion please?!
Thank you

Hey @Eniko :wave:t2:

We’ve probably all struggled with this at some point. To be honest with you, I know I have. On most days, I have high positive body confident but I also have days where I know my eating habits hinders my fitness journey too.

The key to losing weight is to be in a net calorie deficit. Working out regularly can absolutely help you achieve this, but if you don’t achieve this net calorie deficit you won’t lose any weight.

You might not be doing ANYTHING wrong. Weight loss can take some time. However there are some tips:

  1. Continue to workout regularly whilst at the same time making sure you are in a negative calorie deficit. A healthy deficit would be to aim for a deficit of around 500 per day.

  2. Don’t overestimate the amount of calories you burn OR underestimate the number of calories you ingest each day. There are a whole slew of studies showing that we tend to underestimate the number of calories we eat :point_down:t2: If you do this, you won’t reach a calorie deficit.

You’re probably terrible at tracking how much you’ve actually eaten

New research finds people underestimate their calories by a huge amount.

  1. Look at trends over a period of time rather than changes on a daily basis. A weight loss graph, if you were recording your weight each day would look something like this :point_down:t2: You can see that on certain points, there is an increase, but the overall trend is downwards over course of a few months.


  1. Find a diet that you like and enjoy. This is really the only way to make any dietary change sustainable.

Don’t feel like this :muscle:t2: Change can be hard to achieve at times-but with commitment you will be able to reach your goals here. Keep up the workout routine and continue on eating whole foods. Don’t forget, you have already taken the first few steps on your journey! Plus, you’ve got the amazing Freeletics community here to help you :clapclapstatic: