Holding phone during workouts containing sprints

Maybe it’s a stupid question but where do you guys hold the phone during sprints, especially if you train in a park or something…
It is very uncomfortable to lock the screen and keep it in my pocket and take it out when I want to start the next exercise.
Leaving it on the bench or on the ground is of course not an option in a park…
So how do you solve this?
Thank you for your help in advance :slight_smile:

What do you exactly mean?
Doing Kadmos, Hermes, Ares, …, I leave my phone on the ground (in case of "long distances I choose rounds so I could keep an eye on my stuff). Doing a Running God like Bastet I use a phone case which I wear on my upper arm.

Thanks for the answer. Yes I meant the God workouts containing sprints, like Ares.
So there’s no magic.
Ok, I’ll try to choose a good place where I can leave it until I finish the sprint.

Whenever I have a sprint, I just hold it in my hands, not super practical but it does the trick