God workout with focus on short sprints

I feel like there is no God workout with a focus on short 2x20 sprints. Sure there is Hermes and Kadmos, but the focus there is more on the pushups and burpees. Is it possible to add a God workout with a heavier focus on sprints, perhaps with a lower body exercise mixed in like jumps or squats?

I think the Gods like Bastet, MAAT or Seth are a bit like you describe. Especially the later.

Thanks for the reply. However I’m really looking for those 2x20m sprints, the workouts you mentioned are 100 m or longer.

Hi @Pithpossum , I think you will find those only in intervals.
From my understanding, the goal of the 100m sprints is to go all out for 15 to 20 sec, which is a great timeframe to burn calories and improve anaerobic functions

Actually I have never gotten 2x20 sprints in Intervals, only in God workouts.

I’m specifically looking for very short explosive sprints, to prepare for playing basketball.

oh I see! in that case, maybe the “HIIT & Run” or “Leg Strength & Sprints” journeys would be better suited for you. Did you have a look?

Thanks for trying to help, I appreciate the effort :-).

I did look into ‘HIIT & Run’ but that contains more longer runs, and ‘Leg Strength & Sprints’ is missing upper body strength work. A combination of Leg Strength & Sprints and Explosive Strength would be perfect for me :-). Sadly it’s not possible to combine Journeys.

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