Maybe a feature Im missing, or really isn't there.... regarding PB workout

Hy, been doing some journeys this last year with this app.

So far my weight is still not good, but my strength and condition is improving. I’m struggling with some health issues, so thats the reason my progress is not what is should be.


currently Im doing a balanced burn journey. 3 days a week

I also go running 1-2 times a week

My question is this,

of the 3 sessiosn in a week, 2 are a personal best wich take about 5-15 min to complete (warmup and cooldown not included)

But the other session is more of a slower paced, longer session (45 min)

Is there a setting somewhere where I can dissable the PB workout? and then when I want to do some to check my progress, just turn them back on? So I can have 3 longer sessions without my heart popping out of my chest :slight_smile: you know what I mean right