Why the option to train in silence has disapeared

Hi Everyone

I recall having an option which can be activated into the “adapt session” button where I could activate the option to train in silence. very useful when I was in hotel or when I had some injuries to my Achilles tendon.
now this option is not available anymore, why?
is possible to get it back



For me it’s still there, did you maybe change the journey you were on? I think at some journeys this might not be possible.
If not, it may be a bug and beneficial if you shared your phone, which android or iPhone os you’re using etc.

The Adapt options depend on Training Journey and exercises assign in coach day.
“train quite” is still there for me, too.

Hi Guys

Thx for your replies
indeed I’m using a journey, Hardcore. but even I should have the option available.
there are still plenty of exercices not requiring any jump


Hardcore is in terms of available Quick Adapt options the most limited one. For a simple reason: it’s hardcore and the Journey being as close as possible to the Freeletics origins.

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