How to pause between cool down exercises

How do I pause the Cool Down moves in between, so i can get in position for the next one.
They transition so fast, I can’t get in place before it starts the next move.

Hey Joyce, welcome to the Forum :wave:t2:

This is something that does come up from time to time, and we do collect feedback on this so I’ll make sure to add your voice to this discussion.

At the moment it’s not possible to “pause” a cooldown although this is something that we might consider in the future.


Hi Ben!
Just to mention, I’m also missing such a feature. Something like a setting to change the time from 5 to 7 or 10 sec would be cool.

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Hey Aleks, first of all a huge welcome to the Forum :wave:t2: and thanks for your input on this subject as well :clapclapstatic:

I, too, consider the transition between some exercises a bit too fast, especially with the cooldown part.
When i just need to change the side or when i need to change from “chest stretch” to “triceps stretch”, 5 secs are ok…but when we start to talk about going from cobra to pigeon it’s a completely different story, especially if you’re not familiar with the exercise.
I don’t know how much difficult it can be to set different “preparation timers” for different type of exercises?
Maybe i’m going too far now but why not giving different timers that everyone can choose the first few times before the coach start to use them automatically?