This app inadvertently promotes injury from poorly timed warmups and cooldowns

Warmups and cooldowns are set at the same interval as workouts which is a mistake. These are super important to a workout and rushing them promotes injury.

The AI and the app should be a lot smarter than this. Moving from cat/cow to cobra is relatively quick but changing stretch positions needs more time. Or going from seated to standing too.
Because we all have mobility differences and you’ll never perfect the timing sequence, add a voice prompt option like “next” or “go” after the countdown gets to zero to start the next warmup/cooldown exercise.

This might come as a surprise but there used to be no time to get in position :see_no_evil:

The feedback is fairly valid :+1:t2: As a tip you can essentially pause the timer for any WU/CD exercise by tapping on the video icon in the top right hand corner of the exercise screen allowing more time to get in to position.

Also, we do rely on Athletes to some degree to use their judgement to make sure they are warmed up enough or had sufficient cooldown stretching, as as you very correctly point out, we are all different. If you feel the need for additional stretching at the end of a session, please do do an additional cooldown from the Cooldown section :+1:t2: