How to: sick kids and workout?

Hello! I’m a french Canadian mom of two young kids! My daugther will be 6 years old at May and my son is 4 years old :relaxed: you know, with the winter season, cold and flu make training difficult sometimes. My kids wake up on alternance during night for help or conforting when they’re sick. It’s hard to keep going when I don’t sleep that well! :yawning_face:

What’s your tricks to keep going when your kids are sick? I got so tired sometimes that I stop training… And it’s pretty difficult to start again after 2 Weeks off…! Because the kids are never sick at the exact same time, I stop longer then that sometimes :sweat_smile:

Thanks for sharing me some of your ideas/motivation to keep going in your difficult moment!


Dear Ame,

i don’t think there is a trick. The situation your are describing is so tireding, that it is almost impossible to stay in plan, especially when you are in a sleep deficit.

Hopefully, flu season is over soon and you can get back on track.


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I agree, I don’t think there is a trick. I pull through, maybe some mental training could help you as in my opinion this is mainly a mental challenge. The body is tired but your head can still overrule that feeling. Of course you need to be careful to have enough recovery, so maybe chose some lighter workouts during that period.

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It’s always easy to give advise to other and harder to implement it ….
What i would suggest is not to stop training but strongly reduce the length of session. I acknowledge it is harder to come back to training when you have break(human nature…)
I experienced that even tired i am in a better mood having 15 minutes training rather than nothing.
As always the hardest part is to start but once you are in your session you forget about everything…

Dad of two here - I feel ya!

I have a trick that I use when I need help getting back into things, or to stay motivated - for me a big one which makes a real difference, is make it really small. i.e. if you think you can’t or don’t have time, then just do a 10/15 minute workout.

This works for me because: 1. its so small I can barely say no 2. it feels good even when its 15 minutes 3. I often want to keep going once I’ve started 4. freeletics is perfect for this - it offers up shorter sessions when you use the ‘less time’ adapt option

This is also an approach firmly rooted in the science of habits - it works.

Good luck - hope cold season is nearly over for you. I for one am sick of the dark and cold this year!