Training after Covid 19

Hello everyone,

I had Covid in March this year and I was very tired even weeks after all the simptoms were gone. It is over two months now and I still can’t say I am back in form. Before Covid I used to train 5 days a week and that was pretty easy for me. Now I can’t even walk up the stairs without losing my breath and feeling very tired.
My plan is to go back to trainings, probably 2 days a week for start just to see how it will go.
I was wondering should there be some Freeletics after covid training program with set of excercies that could gradualy get us back in shape.
What is your opinon on this? Any advice?


Hey @Milica1923 :wave:t2: Welcome to the Forum!

First of all, I can only wish you a quick and full recovery :pray:t2: I, luckily, :crossed_fingers:t2: have not suffered from Covid-19 but I do know a couple of people who have.

If you are one of the unfortunate people who have really suffered badly from Covid, I think it is first of all really important that you just check in briefly with your Doctor to make sure that you are in a position to start training again.

Assuming that you get the go-ahead to start some training, I would suggest starting with one of the basic Training Journeys, something like Start Strong (M) / Start Smart (F). Good idea to start off with a couple of training days per week :+1:t2:

I don’t particularly think a “post-covid” Training Journey is something that would be necessary-there is already a lot of customisation available to athletes to change their training to take in to account many of the factors that one might need to consider post-illness or injury. Some tips I consider myself when I start training after any period of illness.

  1. Change the Training Journey to something easier
  2. Exclude any exercises one finds particularly difficult.
  3. Use of the “Adapt session” feature to make any session easier if needed.
  4. Make the most of rest days to get some really light active recovery in, such as a bit of gentle swimming, hiking etc.
  5. Always give the Coach the most accurate feedback you can. If you do this, after a few sessions you will find the Coach has worked out where you are fitness wise and your training will be at the correct intensity.

Also-post injury, it’s really worth spending some time to think also about other factors that will support your recovery such as your diet/nutrition, amount of sleep, stress levels, post workout stretching etc.

Hope the above helps-and thanks for the great question :clapclapstatic:


Hello Ben, thanks for reply and good wishes :blush:

This is basically everything I have done already. I am starting slow and giving myself enough time to rest and to see how my body will react to trainings.
Beginning of June I had 8 days of walking ( aprox. 8km per day ) and this is where I felt I have to go back to trainings since I felt so out of shape. I didn’t realise that simple walk could be so difficult.

Hardest part is when giving feedback and having to admit that my training was so bad :frowning:

Still, I will keep positive and hopefully soon I will get to shape I was in before :partying_face:

Thanks once again and best regards
Milica :sunglasses:

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Ah, that’s great :+1:t2: I honestly think it’s best to take your time when coming back from a bad case of Covid-19-there is also so much that is unknown about the longer term affects so don’t feel down! I think it’s so important to recognise what an amazing step it is for you to feel so motivated to restart training when you feel like you may have taken a few steps backwards. So personally, I think you deserve a HUGE :clapclapstatic:

I think it’s really important to do this-you will make the best progress again if your training is at the correct level :+1:t2:

We’re cheering you on! Keep in touch and update us on your progress as you get back in to your training again :muscle:t2:


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