How to skip rest periods on runs?

Hi is it possible to skip rest periods during a run work out as its really disruptive when running 6 km and having to stop 12 times, any solutions or am i missing somthing? during hit sessions u can skip rest but for some reason not on a run, and an auto skip so you can run right through a run workout would be great especially if its 6km as no need for rest, thanks

Hi Senan,

this sounds like Intervall training where the slow part between the fast parts is essential,
Maybe this helps?


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ah ok, thanks Freddy but having to take 8 mins rest in the space of 1km (5mins) is a bit weird?

Hey Senan :wave:t2:

Let me jump in quickly :wink:

The rest periods here in running intervals aren’t meant to be rest periods where you stop and rest in the literal sense of the word. Ideally you should be jogging quite lightly during these rests, at the least walking.

Hope that’s clear!


ah ok, sorry new to all this :slight_smile:

Don’t be sorry! We’re all here to support each other…and it is something that could perhaps we could make more clear :+1:t2:


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Thanks Ben