Running issues in HIIT and Run journey - distance not achievable

I can barely run 400m without stopping but the HIIT and run program stopped giving me intervals 2 weeks in and it keeps giving me runs of 2.5-3km that I can’t possibly do without stopping a few times. I have given feedback that the session is too hard and have tried asking for an easier session but that just shortens the distance slightly. Should I just keep doing the runs with breaks as needed? I wish I could get more interval sessions again rather than one single run for the whole workout.

Keep giving the feedback that the session is too hard. I’ll respond assuming that running is challenging for you and the reason for having to take breaks is not due to an injury or medical condition. The goal of the single distance runs is to maintain steady forward progress throughout the ‘run’. It is ok to treat them as a run/walk workout if need be, just focus on always moving forward for the entire distance, running when you have the capacity and walking when you need to. Learn to manage your effort so you never have to fully stop and rest. Eventually, you will find that you are running more and more until you no longer need to walk. The trick with running is to be consistent and patient. On the running portion, try to run slowly and relax your body, what is the least amount of energy that you can exert and still technically be running? Can you hold that for a longer distant than when you run harder? Play around with these types of things with the goal of just moving forward consistently for the assigned distance. Stay consistent, the rest will come.