Optional skip rest button

Most of the time I take every rest opportunity the coach allows me, but sometimes - during example core or abs, it would be nice to skip since I often feel that the breaks there are to long (and I just want to get it done!)


Hey @Susanne :wave:

This option does exist for intervals in Bodyweight Training Journeys, as this actually was an often requested feature from within the community, so we rolled that out in late summer of 2020.

However, when we did so, this option was not implemented for Weights Journeys because:

  1. Within the weighted sets, skipping your rest intervals is pretty much against all principles of hypertrophy.
  2. We do want to keep the experience consistent throughout a Journey, therefor you will also not have this option during the finisher conditioning HI(I)T workouts (mostly for core, abs or biceps).
  3. That is also because: Resting periods are a very effective part of these HIIT workouts. That’s why we also show a prompt for users trying to make use of this feature in our Bodyweight Training Journeys, which puts emphasis on exactly this.

Nonetheless, thanks a lot for raising this here :clapclaptwo: A constant feedback stream from out of our community is the only way we can evolve our product towards what really is needed and wanted from our Athletes :pray:


I’ve been doing the Run & Burn journey and have also wondered about this for running workouts. As @Susanne said, I also generally make the most of all allotted rest time. But there are some times when the rest is 10 minutes and that’s a bit extreme. Would be nice to have the option to forego the rest interval or at least cut it down.

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Rest times for running intervals are vital in order to put anything in the next interval.
You are free to stand/walk/run if think that rest period is too easy/long. Never ever skip breaks in running interval sessions. @kporangehat


@Latarion I hear you. I do strictly adhere to the rest intervals. But one of my recent workouts had me run 1.5km at a moderate pace and then rest for 10 minutes. Before one or two last short intervals. I understand the goal was to rest me completely before hitting those last 2 moderate intervals. But I felt like 10 minutes was way too long. I was fully rested and bored after 5.

I guess I was referring mostly to that one particular instance - which seemed out of scale compared to all the other rest intervals. That’s all. :grimacing:

Are you sure it was 1.5k?
The only god workout I know is Osiris with 3k and 10mins rest before the 200m reps.
Once this is relabeled as interval session, the structure of the underlying god remains the same, only the pace is adjusted.
You are indeed right, if you are doing that interval with moderate pace, 10 mins off is a bit odd. I keep running in that cases.

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