How to change an interval run

Hi everyone. Does anybody know how to change the running interval i to a consistent run ? I don’t want to run 1,5 K or more having to rest after 200 or 400 meters. I want to run consequent without the rest periods. I know I can change the time limit or the hardness of the workout but it just doesn’t give me the option to keep on running. Nor doing the same exercise again fir the same day. Thanks for any input. Stay strong :muscle:.

In order to make you faster, intervals are vital.
You can adjust the speed in the effort phase and rest period. No need to actually stop, you can run slowly as well.
Intervals and slow runs are two major things for a good running plan, neither should be neglected.

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Hi Latarion, thank you so much for your reply. Wow I had no idea of the importance of the intervals. I’m used to just go running and that’s it. I will give it a go and try to find more on the subject. Thanks again for your help. Kind regards from the Netherlands.

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Hey Sidney :wave:t2:

Latarion has already given the perfect answer to this I think but I just want to add a couple things :point_down:t2:

You don’t have to stop moving in the rest periods. In fact we would suggest to most people to walk or to jog very lightly.

And there is a great post on our blog highlighting the benefits of running intervals further :point_down:t2:


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Hi Ben,

Thanks for adding your comment to Latarion’s and including the post about interval runs. This will get me straight to the right spot :slight_smile:
I appreciate it a lot.

Have a great weekend.

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