Is "I need to train quietly" option just low impact?

I was wondering - is the “I need to train quietly” session adaptation just low(er) impact?

I was trying to think of a way to reduce the jumps in my workout as my ankles are playing up and I logic-ed that probably the “I need to train quietly” option would have less jumps. It does, it got rid of all the stuff I was worried about!

If this is the case, it would be great to actually label it as such in the app - I rarely need to train quietly, but I often need to reduce the impact if possible! I would imagine there are quite a lot of people who would find the app more accessible if they were able to choose a low impact option clearly when working out,

Hey Alexia :wave:t2: Hope you had a great weekend!

It will indeed take out most high impact jumping exercises from one’s training but the distinction between “needing to train quietly” and “needing low impact exercises” is pretty important. It shouldn’t be used to limit high-impact exercises that one wants to exclude because they are experiencing pain or discomfit, or at risk of injury. The advice really would be to not train if that is the case until one gets medical input.

It’s also always worth remembering that the most varied and interesting training will come from having as few exclusions as possible in the app-enabling the “I need to train quietly” option really does cut a whole swath of exercises from the Coach pool.


As I have chronic joint problems, the medical advice I have is to continue exercising when I have mild injuries, just being careful not to overstress the affected joints. If I stop exercising when I get injured, I just become more likely to injure myself - it’s a vicious circle hah!

As such, would you recommend using the “needing to train quietly” or something else? It would be great if there was a “no jumps” option or similar in the adapt list, This is a semi-regular problem for me, and hypermobility is a relatively common condition too!

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Yeah, I completely understand that :+1:t2: And for sure, it is very possible, and even likely, that medical advice will be that it’s important to exercise with certain conditions.

I just think you always need to bear in mind that the Training app AI really isn’t designed to take account of such conditions, therefore it’s really difficult to give any “advice” as such. I would probably take the app to any upcoming appointments and get some medical input on the exercises that you are getting assigned, and exclude as many as possible.

Also, you can always adapt an exercise that gets assigned. For example, let’s assume that you can’t do Burpees. Whenever this comes up, you might be able to complete a Sprawl instead, or if a Sprawl isn’t suitable you could complete the Sprawl without the jump.

For sure, if you utilise the “I need to train quietly” function (either in your Coach settings or in the “Adapt session” feature) it will, 99% of the time, exclude jumping exercises.