Workout without impact (kettlebell program)

Hello everybody

Im currently injured (nothing bad)but it still want to do workout and I notice that you removed the option « workout without impact or noise » I can’t remember the name. I want to know if its only for the kettlebell program or not and if not can you put it back please ?

Plus , for this program im always remooving the bench of my equipments but it still propose me workout with bench so I juste want it you to know

Thank you for your answer


Hey Melissa :wave:t2:

First of all a big welcome to the Forum :smiley: I’m sorry to hear that you are currently with an injury.

We really recommend that injured Athletes do not train with the Freeletics app without getting some guidance from your doctor. The type of HIIT training offered by Freeletics really is only suitable for Athletes, injury free and in a good state of overall health-and in fact it is a requirement in our terms of usage for the app. So, please, if you are currently injured, do consider whether you should even be training with the app and speak to your doctor.

Regarding the “Adapt Session” options, the “Train quietly” option has never been possible with any of the Weights Training Journeys.

Please, when you are back to full fitness and training, don’t feel like you have to skip exercises with the Bench. You’ll be missing some really great exercises! If you don’t have a Bench, you should feel enabled to use something as an alternative! You might get some suggestions from this previous discussion :point_down:t2:


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