Journey for Fighters

Hello everyone. I found that freeletics have a fighter journey called “enter the cage” about 4 years ago. Could you add similar to this journey that for fighters? It includes mobility, strength and cardio.


That would be frickin awesome. I’m on hybrid strength now, but it’s only the addition to my Muay Thai trainings, would love a dedicated martial arts journey that could complement my trainings

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I completed ‘Enter the Cage’ twice. I liked combination of stamina and strength very much.
The journey was quite unique and there’s no journey like that one.

Is it possible to put Enter the Cage back on line again?
It would be very much appreciated!


Admins do not reply for our recommendations :frowning:

…but we see them, and report them :eyes: :fast_forward:


Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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Such a journey would be absolutely great!!!

In general it would be great to see some additional journeys. Hybrid strength with dumbells would also be nice.