Keto with the nutritioncoach

Hello, I was a longtime user of the coach (exercise and nutrition), and did at the same time everyday Crossfit training. It felt good, but did not to manage a fat percenttage low enough the satifies me. I come from a weight around 110kg to between 85 and 75 now. I now follow a keto - Intermittent fasting - regime. My food regime consist of between 130g - 160g of protein, between 15 - 30g of NET carbs ( total carbs minus the fiber), and trying to have around 50% of cal is protein. My intermitent fasting regime is 18-6 every other day, and sometimes I go for 3 - 5 days of a longterm fast. I know this number do not match the general rules, but the latest science prooof that this is better for muscle building, and get lean. I started back to train 4 -5 days crossfit at a low pace. Can I do this regime wit the nutrition coach with enough variation in food?

In a nutshell: No, you can’t. There is no option for keto diet.

Thank you