Knee injury + more flexibility in app

Hello all,

Recently I’ve gotten an knee trauma by doing pistols, I’ve went to the hospital and it’s something that isn’t going away. I was wondering if there could be alternative exercises implemented for people with common injuries. Personally I would like to avoid to strain the knee even more as it won’t recover. Doing only upper body exercises seems a bit over the top? Any tips? In a perfect world I would like to be able to select something in the app that I have injuries at my knee and it would still offer exercises for the legs but not any that strain the knee itself. (Like squats etc).

Hi @stijn258 welcome to the forum!

I think this would be very hard to implement as all injuries are different, even when they affect the same area.
Freeletics is designed for people without injuries. The “Adapt” section is more for soreness rather than pure injuries.
The best thing to do would be to ask your health professional what exercise you can do and just replace any leg exercises with these ones in your own training.

Hi @TomG Thanks for the quick answer! I understand that that is not the initial target audience that would be the first priority. But it would be something to look out for on the future? Since this in the topic of feature requests, is this already something that has been studied or any marketing research happened? Was it deemed too costly to implement for a rather small population to benefit from?
I’ve been an Freeletics user for a decenia now and I would find it sad to say goodbye to this era of doing sports with this coach because of an injury.

Hi @stijn258 , thank you for your answer.
Don’t get me wrong that would be an amazing feature indeed! :slight_smile:
This was just my personal opinion, designing a feature capable of working around an injury, having the ability to tell the app specifically what range of motion we are able to do around that injury, seems very complex. But I am no developer so I don’t actually know haha