Body areas to exclude not working?

Was wondering if anyone else is having this issue with the recommended coach programs after excluding certain body areas.
I recently significantly damaged my right knee muscles, largely due to the number of knee jumps combined with burpees and lots of jumping around as recommended by the coach. My knee is starting to get better (3 weeks) and I’m keen to get back into training. I’ve asked the coach to exclude all leg areas, however in my revised training I’m still being asked to do froggers (even if I refresh). Is there some logic I’m missing (i.e. should I trust the coach and just do the froggers) or is the coach out to permanently cripple me? hahaha…(semi-serious laugh)

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This “Exclude body area function” is not meant to completely exclude the Coach focus on certain areas, but rather minimise the impact any session will have on those body areas.

Regarding this :point_up:t2: , please do not continue to use the app if you are injured. The app is really not designed to take in to account body injuries or illness - this is also why we state in our terms that you need to be in a good general state of health to train with the app.

You can read about this a little bit more on our Help Center :point_down:t2: where you’ll also see a contact form should you need to contact the team if you are not able to train longer term.


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