Logging external Daily Activities in the app

I found the same problem as many of us here.

Since Freeletics discontinued the Apple Watch app, I’m logging my Freeletics workouts also in my Apple Watch exercise app (duplicated).
If I give Freeletics access to my Apple Health it’ll take all my exercises as duplicate and also write on my Apple Health as duplicate. To solve this I gave Freeletics read only access but it gives me this error.
I think all users with smart watches will encounter the same error.

If Freeletics plans to go ahead with this feature I’m curious how do they plan to fix this scenario.


Finally, long waited feature.
Please also add Garmin synchronization in soon future. I believe most serious athletes using Garmin ecosystem. Freeletics is serious sport too.

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I love the new feature and can’t wait to see how FL uses this additional data down the road. I have two big pieces of feedback on the new feature:

  1. The data seems to be showing my workouts from the prior day. So today’s coach view is showing the workouts that I did yesterday and the workouts from today are not visible. I’m on the West Coast of the US so I don’t know if maybe this is an issue with the time difference?
  2. Without Apple Watch support, I don’t let Freeletics write workouts to apple health since it does not properly track heart rate and therefor intensity. I use the watch to track workouts. The app won’t sync workouts in unless it is allowed to also export workouts to health. It gives an error saying that it is not connected (even though reed access was granted). I would love to turn the

This is exactly my issue with the new integration! Please allow for read only access or release a watch companion for more accurate workout logging.

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In reply to your second point, as mentioned earlier, you could add multiple devices tracking the same activity, Apple Health will list all, but pick only one for the final data, considered as the most reliable. I am pretty sure it’ll be Apple Watch in your case. Moreover you can decide yourself which source should have priority (see my following reply).

In Apple Health you can decide to which source give priority when multiple data are present. Just tap “modify” in the top right corner to change the order. This however is the standard order, so Polar is considered a more reliable source, which makes sense since it tracks real data.

Hi Heric,

While apple health and the metrics they measure like the move goal and exercise rings, along with finer details like caloric burn and cardio fitness will benefit from this, my other third party apps end up with duplicate data. I use Strava and HealthFit to measure fitness and freshness over time and now the workouts are all getting double counted. It’s also throwing off metrics such as time spent doing certain types of workouts and weekly training load metrics. Here you can see HealthFit double counting calories and workout time due to the duplicated entries.

While this is a cool new feature, it does not serve a purpose currently, and it is causing issues with my other fitness apps so it is not something I can turn on until they allow read only mode or include a watch app for more accurate workout tracking.

I’ve noticed that there is a “base” set of minutes? So does Freeletics want me to do this minimum of sports or what does it mean?
Also although I’ve connected both Samsung health and Freeletics to Google health, it didn’t catch up that I did a run this morning.
Edit: it recognised the run now

I guess, base is the max time calculated for your coach day.

don’t think so, the coach guesses that the workout will take me 17-21 minutes.

Hey @melaLetics @gameonplayer :wave:t2:

I’ll try to put a post up explaining this in the next day or two :+1:t2:

It’s more linked to logging other activities than anything to do with your Coach session. So, completing your Coach session will have absolutely no impact on your Base.


@Ben I have to disagree with you on that, it does impact my base. A few days ago I did a session and some pushups and the pushups definitely didn’t fill 17 minutes

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Not in my case…base is the sum of coach and logged activity.


You’re both right :+1:t2:

I explained myself very poorly :see_no_evil::gun:

I’ll try to clearly explain both Base, and how it’s linked to the activity logging, in a post today :+1:t2:



@melaLetics and @gameonplayer, and indeed any other interested Athletes, more information about Base in the Topic below :point_down:t2:


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same problem here. Please allow read-only access to freeletics or provide us an alternative to log the activity without a third-party app. Thanks a lot.


Ok was glad especially now that I hot my first smartwatch to log in more data. Thanks for the feature. It’s noice.

It already does at least for the running. It literally has free run or distance options.

Hey everyone! My name is Idil, I am from the Product team.

Thanks a lot for sharing speedy feedback and flagging that you could not enable “Read” only when you Sync with your Health App. Our iOS developers fixed the issue so you can now enable Freeletics to read your other activities without “Write”. Make sure you update the app!

Enabling “Read” only should solve the duplicate issue in your Health App.

We watch here closely and appreciate your feedback, so keep it coming!


It would also be nice that all the training minutes would be considered like the ones from Apple Watch when minutes are collected (thru elevated heart rate etc) even if you do not make an explicit training.