Long covid experience

Hey everyone.
The Pandemic is mostly over so I bet a few of you had covid. Did anyone have long covid? So longer lasting effects on your health, and if so how long did it last you and when where you able to start training again?

I’ve been doing the journey start smart (start strong) for a week now and been taking many breaks, since my fitness is nowhere near where it was before the illness one and a half month ago.

I had a severe course of the disease with subsequent slight damage to the lungs, difficulty concentrating, symptoms of fatigue and since then significant disturbances in my menstruation.
In consultation with the pulmonologist, I started light endurance training again very early, but Freeletics only after a break of a good two months.
It took two months before I was able to pick up where I was before the infection in terms of performance.

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After four months already after such a severe case? Well that makes me hopeful!