Low HRV workouts? Oura Ring

Since I wear the OURA RING and I am on rest days, I need to maintain my low HRV. However, I still want to train with Freeletics and I was wondering which workout I can do that has a low HRV. Can you help me get started? With a list of workouts?

I’m not sure I’ve followed the question to be honest :see_no_evil: Are you tracking your HRV, noticed it’s dipped below your baseline, and wonder what kind of workout you should do because of this?

If you’ve had a noticeable dip, there’s a few potential reasons to be honest: lack of sleep, deydration, stress, illness, overtraining :man_shrugging:t2: Listen to your body and take it easy if it’s telling you to. I’d probably just go for a walk and do a stretching workout :+1:t2:


Thanks for your response,

So, if you want to achieve a low HRV and still want to be active in movement/training, you can go for a walk or do stretching exercises.

This is why I don’t think I’ve fully understood your question :point_down:t2:

Why would you want to achieve a low HRV? A low HRV is generally associated with an increased risk for different health problems such as different cardiovascular disease, depression, anxiety, stress etc.

If you are concerned about your HRV, you really should speak to your doctor or another healthcare professional for a proper evaluation.


Do you mean your resting heart rate instead of the heart rate variance? A low HRV is an indicator for me (using whoop for tracking) that some of my habits were bad for my recovery during sleep (like drinking alcohol, having a stressful day, suffering from depression or migraine).

Do you want to know how to train in cases your HRV dropped in comparison to other days?
I don’t know Oura that good (because I decided for Whoop) but doesn’t provide it an activity target? That should be your rough guideline - and if you want to train although you may feel like you’ve been put through the wringer, you can scale down the intensity of your coach day.
I personally would better do a rest day on these days with active recovery like stretching (by the way a good idea for a daily base habit) and going for a walk like Ben already said.