Low HRV training with freeletics app on the rest day

when I wake up in the morning, i check my sleep quality and day after a traningn give my Oura Ring high HRV (Heart Rate Variability). My body has not completely rest down.
I should actually take a rest (day) that day. But I can also workout, but then a light training in terms of inteess / effort. How can I choose or determine a light workout (witch exercises of god workout) for me?

What about one of these nice recovery and mobility intervals on Explore Tab?

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You can tell your coach to change the difficulty and make it way easier. That said, I also use Oura and track my Readiness daily, but it is just a tool and not the final word. Use your score as an opportunity to check in with yourself, does your score reflect how you actually feel? If you have high readiness but feel sore and tired, take a rest day, and if you have a low readiness but you feel great, give your planned workout a try (you can always back off if something doesn’t feel right). Additionally, sometimes pushing through on your coach day, even if you are tired, helps create big fitness gains. This is ok to do every once in a while as long as your body feels up to the task, just don’t make a habit of it. If you feel like you need a rest, take a rest. Don’t hesitate to modify your coach session by giving the coach feedback.

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Thanks for your reply. Great that you also use an oura ring. Following the oura score + feel on a day is certainly true to check in with yourself. Although I think I can always do a wourkout.

Thanks for your reply. I have checked. On my rest days I’m going to do recovery or mobility workouts :smile: